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  • I’ve tried many pens before I came across the Dank 420 Cartridgespen while searching for yet another replacement. I can honestly say that I have yet to search for another pen. The Dank 420 Cartridges  pens are the best pen on the market. The battery life is long and the hits are smooth and plentiful. Don’t waste your time with other pens. Make the right choice and pick up a O2VAPE pen! You won’t be disappointed.

    JAY T.Austin, TX

  • My experience with this company has been short and sweet. In a nutshell, I accidentally sent a dead battery from another company to Dank 420 Cartridgesto collect on the life-time warranty. I received an email from Dank 420 Cartridgesinforming me of my mistake, and I was pleasantly surprised by their reaction. They were so confident in their product that they honored the other company’s warranty and sent me a new Dank 420 Cartridgesbattery. I absolutely love it, and I am so impressed with the costumer service that I will continue to buy O2VAPE products. Big Fan in Michigan, Wendy~

    WENDYGibraltar, MI

  • I Received my 1ml glass cartridge and immediately extracted the (just shy of full) remaining oil from my previous plastic cartridge which tasted like pure shitty plastic/butane poison.

    In my new glass, wickless cartridge the flavor of vaping the oil became true to its origin for the first time in quite awhile. Apparently due to the cheap , bulk plastic cartridges I was getting. Love the design, feels good, looks sleek, and no leaks in a case broken down or laying on the coffee table. Spent a lot of money on different fancy oil pens, but Dank 420 Cartridges glass cartridges and vape pen are where I am the most happy. Fan for life, thank you for being the company I’ve been looking for as a reliable, conscious, dependable supplier!

    Kudos and big thanks!


  • Thank you so much for your quick response. Your customer service is the best. You truly understand what it takes to keep you business running. I will continue to do business with you in the future along with recommending you to others. I would love to know when you will be in the NW in the future so I can visit you at a show.

    CINDY H.Oregon

  • I have tried numerous vape pens. The Dank 420 Cartridges is exceptional. It has been made well and I have filled the cartridge many times. Easy to carry compact, charges fast, smooth vape! Love this and will be buying a dry herb vape soon. 

    VICKIEWhitehall, Montana

  • I just realized that I hadn’t shared my devotion to Dank 420 Cartridges with everyone here, so off I go! I am so happy to have found this company. Every single product I have tried has been superior to the “competition”. Ha! that makes me laugh, because there IS NO competition for O2Vape when it comes to pen-style vaporizers. I have spent countless hundreds of dollars trying to find “the one” pen that could hit like a tank with a larger coil, but keep the convenience and discreetness of a pen. My search is now over. Dank 420 Cartridges’S pens have the longest lasting batteries I have ever seen. Their cartridges somehow deliver thick, rich flavor-filled puffs, yet burn so little juice, I’m actually saving a ton of money on juice alone! And they don’t leak! EVER! The glass cartridges with the stainless batteries are the sexiest pens I’ve seen by a country mile and both cartridges and batteries last forever. The customer service for this awesome, Michigan-based company is second to none for ANY business. The focus on product quality and, more importantly, the customer, will leave you feeling that you never have to worry about a thing with regards to your needs. Thank you, Dank 420 Cartridges. I’ll never use another company’s product as long as you’re around!

    DANNY D.Seattle Washington

  • The products from Dank 420 Cartridges are unquestionably industry-leading. If you are searching for quality and reliability paired with unmatched customer service, look no further!

    ANDYMissoula Montana

  • The customer service is amazing! The product is amazing! I bought several of the 1mL glass cartridges, firstly they are the best quality I have seen. Two had broken o-rings, but customer care promptly replaced the damaged products and provided some brilliant information to keep the cartridge in top shape. I will certainly buy many more of these and certainly recommend these to anyone I know! Keep up the great work Dank 420 Cartridges!

    COREYKirkland WA

  • Dank 420 Cartridges is by far the best product of it’s kind on the market.


  • I got the stainless steel Dank 420 Cartridges pen and its just wonderful, all they said it would be, so much better than the other pipes we’ve had. This oil vape pen is way, way above the others. So don’t waste your time and money on anything else. This is the best by far, and so is the customer service.

    ELLEN B.San Leandro, CA.

I have had the stainless steel Dank 420 Cartridges pen for awhile now and after being hooked on those stinking, gross cigarettes since I was 12yrs old, (I’m 62 now), I now have finally been able to stop smoking cigarettes!!! The other vape pens we tried didn’t do it for me but the Dank 420 Cartridges  pen with no buttons or dials and it is so smooth, and I can actually taste my oil flavor. So don’t waste your time and money. Get an Dank 420 Cartridges Pen and you will be so happy.